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Trying my first multiplayer online game, I was a little apprehensive to stay the least. I was no stranger to online games, having lost dozens of hours of my precious youth playing clones of the old arcade classic that had grown up with. This game online, however, was different. Of course, I had played several games of role before in college. We meet in a dark room in the basement, swill beer and soft drinks, chips each, and pretend to be heroes and magicians of long ago. I know it sounds geeky, and it was, but it was also very fun. But I figured that these days and had done more. Who has time for role-playing these days? Are there still people who play these games in their 30s and 40s? There seem to be, but all of them play online.

This was not World of Warcraft online. On the contrary, it is a free online game, a multiplayer mode with thousands of accounts worldwide. It sounded good to begin with. It is a science fiction setting. The online game took place in the dystopian future where Earth has become a fascist government and tensions between humans and a dozen foreign races who have migrated to a record high. Unlike many online games out there, it had no graphics. I have chosen on purpose. Although the graphics free online game has become rarer and rarer still prefer, like many old-school role-playing fans. The lack of graphics and arcade action means that your imagination has to play a much greater role in the online universe. That suits me very well!

In the end, I loved the online game - much more than it should have, in fact. I feared it would develop a new addiction, but rationalized that it was too old to spend so much time playing. Apparently I was wrong. In the weeks and months after I started playing this game online, I probably lost hundreds of hours into it. For a time, the largest online game was my obsession.

Scary Games To Play

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Key said...

i like this game

RedPad said...

the day make me feel bad but for visiting your site nothing can stop it :-D

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